The reality of the war imposed by the war that has been going on for more than 11 years, which has left more than 1.7 million displaced people in northwest Syria, suffers from difficult living conditions, while the most affected by the war were the most vulnerable groups of children and women. A number of children in northern Syria are forced to work in occupations that do not suit them as children, such as arduous occupations, in order to help their parents meet their daily lives, depriving them of their right to education, health and childhood like other children around the world. Silver, or as she was called the "biscuit child", is one of those children who had to work selling sweets (biscuits) to help her family and secure treatment for her. Ghiras Al-Khair Humanitarian Association seeks to provide continuous sponsorship on a monthly basis to continue its education and secure its needs of treatment and school expenses. Contribute with us to redress the risks of less fortunate children in life, to develop society and build educated and conscious generations.