The north of Syria has become the only refuge for more than 4.1 million Syrians, almost half of whom are displaced (estimated at 2.8 million people) living in difficult humanitarian, living and economic conditions, due to the loss of job opportunities and the continuation of military actions that have not stopped in northwest Syria for more than 11 years. Poor families and those without breadwinners live with food, health and psychological risks and problems, and suffer from catastrophic conditions that prevent them from providing the basic needs of the holy month of Ramadan, which help them to fast while preserving their health and food security. Ghiras Al-Khair Humanitarian Association works every year and throughout the blessed month of Ramadan to respond to the needs of the displaced brothers in northwest Syria and for Syrian refugees in Lebanon, and works to provide assistance and extend a helping hand to them, and alleviate their suffering in this holy month, as the number of beneficiaries in Eid Al-Fitr in 2022 reached more than (100.500) beneficiaries, within the following projects:   * Distribution of food baskets A family breakfast project that aims to provide daily breakfast meals throughout the blessed month of Ramadan and targets poor families, lacking breadwinners and living in camps in northern Syria, and the project is carried out according to the following stages: – Announcing the recruitment of offers for foodstuffs used in meals. – Study the offers submitted and choose the most appropriate offer. – Identify the families to be targeted according to the selection criteria, and where they will be distributed. – Preparing a kitchen to prepare meals or agreeing with kitchens to secure meals. – Coordination with the competent authorities to coordinate the distribution of meals to the most needy beneficiaries. – Distribution to beneficiaries before Iftar time every day.   * Zakat on Money Due to difficult living conditions and poor purchasing power, displaced and refugee families in northern Syria and Lebanon face great difficulty in securing basic food needs during the holy month of Ramadan. Therefore, Ghiras Al-Khair Humanitarian Association is working to receive donations from benefactors and zakat on their money to be distributed to the deserving poor and needy.   * Eid al-Fitr clothing Ghiras Al-Khair Humanitarian Association is implementing the project (Eid al-Fitr clothing), which targets orphans, poor and needy children, who live with their families in camps and suffer from difficult economic conditions. The Messenger of Allah, may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him, said: "No Muslim clothed a Muslim with a garment unless it was in the protection of Allah as long as it had a rag on it," so the clothing and Eid project was to bring joy to orphans, as Eid for them is associated with joy and new dress. The importance of the project lies in enabling children to appear no less than their peers from the members of society who have a decent life by bringing joy and pleasure and placing them as those who have nothing to lack. This project is implemented according to the following stages: – Review the nominal lists of orphanages. – Choosing orphanages that are not covered by a similar project on the other hand, and coordinating with the orphanage administration. – Prepare 3 quotations for clothing (my father's pants – my father's sweater – dress). – Study the offers and choose the most appropriate offer. – Preparation of the logistics of the photography team and international preparations in addition to transport vehicles. – Move with orphans to the shopping center and choose the appropriate dress for them.   * Zakat al-Fitr Due to the need of displaced Syrians and refugees in the camps for zakat and being one of the first people to receive zakat, the Zakat al-Fitr project is based on receiving zakat al-fitr from Muslims at the end of the month of Ramadan, and then distributing it to poor families in the camps of displaced Syrians in northern Syria and Syrian refugees in Lebanon, on time prescribed by Sharia by purchasing a quantity of rice of the finest kinds, so that the association is the link between the recommender and the beneficiary.   *Eid al-Fitr The project aims to alleviate mental disorders and put a smile on the face of poor and needy children and orphans, by distributing cash as Eidiyat to them, to make them happy and bring joy and joy to their hearts. The Ghiras Al-Khair Humanitarian Society team puts small sums of money in paper envelopes, and then distributes them to poor children scattered on the roads and streets. …………………. The number of beneficiaries in Eid Al-Fitr in 2022 reached more than (100,500) beneficiaries, and these projects left great positive effects by drawing joy on the hearts of the beneficiaries, reducing the economic burden on many parents who were burdened by the high cost of living, consolidating the principles of brotherhood and social solidarity among Muslims and notifying them that they have brothers who carry their concern and stand by them in good times and bad, and the positive effects also include contributing to improving the economic situation through the operation of the local market and workshops Which consists of displaced people, whose employment wages were able to help them in the blessed days of Eid.