It is an annual campaign based on four projects implemented by Ghiras Al-Khair Humanitarian Association every year with the advent of the blessed Eid Al-Adha, and its sublime meanings, on the one hand, this campaign embodies the glorification of the rites of God Almighty, and on the other hand shows the whole world the extent of Muslims' mercy among themselves, their interdependence and solidarity in these blessed days, because sympathy, support, harmony and affirmation of the bonds of love, if it is one of the duties among Muslims throughout the year, it is the most obligatory duty in these blessed days that It implements the projects of the Al-Adha campaign, which reached (17,360) beneficiaries.

The Eid al-Adha campaign launched by Ghiras Al-Khair Humanitarian Association is a campaign to bring joy and happiness to the hearts of weak and poor Syrians, especially the poor families and children who have been deprived of the war they have been living for more than 10 years of many of the meanings of this occasion, Eid in Islam means joy in its highest sense. Joy in obedience, closeness to God, and winning His favor. The joy of stopping the orphan's crying, sponsoring him, and bringing him pleasure. Joy in enriching the poor, the needy, and the needy from asking people. Joy in the renaissance of the nation, its unity and brotherhood is like the feeling of the Muslim who is blessed by God with his livelihood and money in his safe country, with his Muslim brother in another country, so how about the Muslims who live in northern Syria and what they suffer from deprivation and lack of money and souls… Eid is joy thanks to Allah and acknowledging and believing in it by helping other Muslims, believing the words of the Almighty: {Say thanks to Allah and His mercy, so let them rejoice is better than what they gather} [Yunus: 58]. This is the meaning of joy in Islam.

From these great meanings, Ghiras Al-Khair Humanitarian Association launches every year an annual campaign under the title "Al-Adha Campaign", which is divided into four charitable projects:

1- Iftar Project:

Fasting Iftar Project

The fasting Iftar project is the first project implemented by Ghiras Al-Khair Humanitarian Association within the "Al-Adha Campaign", as it begins on the blessed day of Arafat, which urged the Holy Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, to fast, as we in "Ghiras Al-Khair" contribute with the benefactors to obtain reward and reward, by providing Iftar meals to our vulnerable Syrian brothers in displacement camps and countries of asylum, so he has a great reward with God, as the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, told him, where He said: "Whoever breaks the fast has the same reward as him, but nothing detracts from the reward of the fasting person."

2- Eid clothing project:

Eid clothing project

In the second phase of the sacrifice campaign, Ghiras Al-Khair Humanitarian Association is implementing the "Eid Clothing" project, which targets children deprived of orphans, the poor and the needy who live with their families in camps and suffer from difficult economic conditions. The importance of the Eid clothing project implemented by the Ghiras Al-Khair Humanitarian Association lies in helping the poor and needy members of society to appear no less than their peers from the members of society who have a decent life by bringing joy and pleasure and placing them as those who have nothing to lack.

The Messenger of Allah, may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him, said: "No Muslim clothed a Muslim with a garment unless it was in the protection of Allah as long as it was a rag", the orphan that innocent child who is eagerly awaiting the feast with all eagerness and longing, dreaming like the rest of the children of a new clothing, and Eidiya in his hand, so it was a clothing and Eid project to bring joy to orphans, because the feast for them is linked to joy and new dress.

3- Qurbani Project:

Sacrificial Project

It is the most prominent project within the annual Al-Adha campaign, where the preparation for the project begins by the Ghiras Al-Khair Humanitarian Association a month before Eid Al-Adha of each year, and the actual implementation is with the advent of the Day of Sacrifice (Nahr Al-Adhahi) due to the great status of this great ritual and its role in consolidating the bonds of love in the Islamic society and consolidating the principle of solidarity in it. The preparation and implementation of this project includes several stages of conducting a tender for the prices of sacrifices duly, examining them by a veterinarian to ensure the legal conditions that must be met in the sacrifice to be suitable for sacrifice, identifying slaughterhouses and slaughter workshops approved for the implementation of the project, then slaughtering sacrifices and dividing them into shares to be distributed to camp residents, the poor and the needy after obtaining the nominal lists from the competent authorities in each region.

The sacrifice is considered one of the rites of Islam and has a great bounty and reward with God Almighty, so Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) said: The Messenger of Allah (may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him) said: "What the son of Adam did on the Day of Sacrifice is a deed that is more dearer to Allah – the Almighty – than shedding blood, and that the Day of Resurrection will come with its horns, shadows and poems, and that the blood will fall from Allah – the Almighty – somewhere before it falls on the ground, so be kind to it."

The virtues of this project are many, foremost of which is that it is one of the rites of God Almighty, and that slaughtering to God Almighty and approaching Him with offerings is one of the greatest acts of worship and obedience, especially since sacrifices will be distributed to the displaced, the poor and the needy who live in difficult economic conditions.

4- Eid Al-Adha Project:

Eid Al-Adha Project

Eid al-Adha is the fourth and final project carried out by Ghiras Al-Khair Humanitarian Association in the Al-Adha campaign, which is based on distributing cash as Eids to poor children to make them happy and bring joy and joy to their hearts.

The Al-Khair Humanitarian Society team puts small sums of money in paper envelopes, and then distributes them to poor children scattered on the roads and streets.

The number of beneficiaries of these projects reached (17,360) beneficiaries, and these projects left great positive effects by drawing joy on the hearts of the beneficiaries, reducing the economic burden on many parents who were burdened by the cost of living, consolidating the principles of brotherhood and social solidarity among Muslims and notifying them that they have brothers who carry their concern and stand by them in good times and bad, and the positive effects also include contributing to improving the economic situation through the operation of the local market and workshops consisting of displaced people, Their employment wages were able to help them on the blessed days of Eid.

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