Ghiras Al-Khair Humanitarian Association participated with a number of other associations in the eighth #علمني_حبيبي competition, may God bless him and grant him peace, in 💎 #البقاع 💎

Established by the #الاتحاد_الإسلامي Association in #لبنان for the eighth year,

The recitation took place at the National Fraternity School – #برالياس, and in #أزهرعرسال, on the same day. The contestants were tested in memorizing and understanding the authentic hadiths of the Prophet, and consolation prizes were immediately awarded to all those whose mark was under 84%. While the outstanding students will receive their awards in two festivals to be determined after the month of #Ramadan blessed, God willing.

It should be noted that the competition is held by the Islamic Union Society to encourage our sons and daughters to learn and apply the Sunnah and the Prophet's morals, and to invest the energies of young men and women in the service of religion.

During the eight years, more than 5,500 students from the Bekaa participated in the eight, and the number of participants this year reached 686 students.

May God reward everyone who contributed to this work







#سوريا #الكويت