Northern Syria has become the only refuge for more than 5.5 million Syrians, including more than 2.8 million displaced people, who live in difficult humanitarian, living and economic conditions. The earthquake that struck northern Syria and southern Turkey increased their misery, and more than a million people became displaced among olive trees and in temporary shelters that lacked to the minimum necessities of life.

Poor families without a breadwinner live with nutritional, health and psychological risks and problems, and they suffer from catastrophic conditions that prevent them from providing the basic needs for the holy month of Ramadan, which help them to fast while preserving their health and food security.

Ghiras Al-Khair Humanitarian Association works every year and throughout the holy month of Ramadan to respond to the needs of the displaced and those affected by the earthquake in northwestern Syria and the Syrian refugees in Lebanon, and to provide assistance and extend a helping hand to them, and alleviate their suffering in this holy month Through the Generous People Campaign10″, within the following projects:

  • Distribution of food baskets
  • Family breakfast
  • Zakat money
    Eid al-Fitr clothing
  • Zakat al-Fitr
  • Eid al-Fitr holiday The number of beneficiaries At the end of “generous people” last year 2022 reached more than (100,500), and these projects left great positive effects by drawing joy on the hearts of the beneficiaries, easing the economic burden on many parents who were burdened by the high cost of living, and consolidating the principles of brotherhood and social solidarity among Muslims and making them aware That they have brothers who carry their burden and stand by them in good times and bad times. In the month of Ramadan this year, we look forward to bringing joy and happiness to new families who have been tired of war and economic conditions in this blessed month through your donations.