When any massacre or bombing of civilians occurs, the media begins to cover the number of victims, injuries and material losses, without paying attention to the situation of the families of the victims who are trying with difficulty to live with the pain of loss, trauma and the difficult living reality in northern Syria. Almost two months ago, specifically on Friday, July 22, 2022, a massacre that has not been forgotten by all Syrians so far took place in the village of Al-Jadida in the western countryside of Idlib, killing 7 civilians, including 4 children from the same family, and injuring 12 others, including 8 children. The magnitude of the pain was great and every day Syria loses innocent people who have no guilt except that they were born in that geographical area. Ghiras Al-Khair Humanitarian Association has taken it upon itself to reach the vulnerable, who have been subjected to painful trauma, relieve them and support them in their difficult situations, especially since the parents of the victims are also victims that we should not forget who suffer pain, separation and deprivation. Because the families of the victims are victims too. How about the family of Mrs. Safa, who lost her four children and was critically injured, from which she miraculously survived, as a result of an aerial bombardment that targeted the family home in Idlib countryside two months ago? https://youtu.be/E429yLC6Riw This is why Ghiras Al-Khair Humanitarian Association launched today the "Let's alleviate their suffering" campaign, to stand by the families of the victims who lost their loved ones in the war in Syria, and are now living in difficult humanitarian conditions in northern Syria.  <div class="xdj266r x11i5rnm xat24cr x1mh8g0r x1vvkbs x126k92a">
<div dir="auto">It is true that nothing brings back to Sister Safa, her four children who died as a result of an aerial bombardment that targeted their home in northern Syria, but today we have been able to be close to this family, console them and alleviate their suffering.</div>
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Mrs. "Safaa" is not the only case that Ghiras Humanitarian Society seeks to sponsor, and cover its needs, but there are dozens of similar cases that await your donations